Hi! I am Ashley, a 25 year old Colorado born and raised gal! I live at 7,000ft in beautiful Castle Rock, Colorado with my husband Kyle, and my pups Callie and Zeppelin. I created this blog to track all of my travels and adventures, my journey back to competitive endurance sports, and all of the new outdoor experiences I love to try!

Feel Free to contact me at: ashleyataltitude@gmail.com


Why I Started This Blog
I have always been active and adventurous. Living in Colorado gives me access to some of the best hiking, camping, and skiing in the world! I also love to travel around the world with my travel buddy for life, Kyle. I started this blog to share all of the adventures we take together close to home and around the globe!








Another main reason I started this blog is to track my journey back to competitive endurance sports.  Many years ago I was a very competitive triathlete. At my peak I held a 4th USA Triathlon national ranking for my age group and was on the duathlon national team. After a crash, injuries, bad races, and illnesses I took a break from swimming, biking, and running. As I battled several health issues that little break turned into years. During that time off I went through many changes; I graduated college, got married, bought a house, and adopted Callie and Zeppelin! After over 8 years I have realized how much I have missed the sport and I am ready to get back to tri as a new person, a new athlete, facing a new set of challenges!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. It is so cool that you were so strong at the triathlon. I look forward to following this journey, and obviously the travel stuff too. 🙂 You guys will ahve to give me some tips on Colorado trails to check out. I heard the Colorado National Monument is beautiful.


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