New Instagram Photo Series – Ireland & Scotland

If you followed along with my last special Instagram photo series you know that my parents are amazing world travelers! They have been spending their retirement traveling around the world on amazing trips to far away places. Their adventures are a huge inspiration for me to get out and explore the world! This time they are on a 47 day trip to Ireland and Scotland! They will also be stopping at Copenhagen and Amsterdam along the way! Check out the map below to see every place they are visiting!

I am starting another special Instagram photo series for this new adventure featuring only photos that they are able email me from their phones when they are able to find bits of spotty wifi. My parents are not photographers and honestly don’t even have the best phones for pictures, but that is what makes this photo series so special. Their amazing pictures show how beautiful these destinations are without fancy cameras or editing.

Follow me on Instagram to follow along and see amazing pictures from their adventure! Use the #AatAIrelandScotland to find all the photos in the series!

Also check out the other amazing photo series of their last trip where they literally circumnavigated the globe! Use #AatAWorldIn45Days to find all the photos in the series!


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